Mitch Drake & Sons did a great job cutting down two huge water oaks on my property and my neigbhor’s property, as well as limbing up a few low hanging limbs on other trees. The tree in my neighbor’s yard leaned mostly over our fence. Mitch asked that I get the owner’s permission even though technically we can cut down anything hanging over our fence. I thought that was noteworthy that he asked us to get permission anyway, I would want that consideration with trees originating in MY yard. They honored my request to come out on a certain day and time. They showed up when they said they would, and did the job pretty quickly. I was impressed with their safety efforts. When I went out and asked them to trim off a tree limb that was revealed as being too low hanging, they were very pleasant and did what I asked. They cleaned up the areas involved thoroughly. They pointed out an old post in my yard that had been knocked over by a tree. I’ve hired many tree work outfits since living in this home ( 24 years) and these guys are hands down the best overall. I recommend them highly.

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